Welcome to Vitatheia – the brainchild of a couple of friends who bonded over a mutual love of improving their health, fitness and beauty. What started off as swapping tips and ideas has turned into a website full of information to help you! Join them on an journey of self improvement, home remedies and guides, learning as they learn.

Skin Care Tips and Guides

skin care

We have created a series of articles covering a wide variety of skin care topics, from how to get better skin complexion, to relieving eczema and psoriasis.


Hair Care

healthy hair

Hair care is one of our favourite topics, and we have written articles covering how to prevent greasy hair, how to stop hair from breaking, and even on the dreaded topic of nits!


Curing Ailments

how to cure lower back pain quickly

Ailments afflict most of us at some point in our lives, so we have written a selection of articles covering some of the main ones with top tips on how to treat or cure them – everything from cold sores, to snoring to treating hemorrhoids.


Makeup Tips and Tricks

how to get fuller lips

Whether you want to enhance your features, make them less prominent, cover up blemishes or just completely change your look – make up is the answer!