How to Cure Lower Back Pain Fast

how to cure lower back pain quickly

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Do you want to move around more easily and freely, be capable of doing sport or just play with kids without the fear of your lower back pain getting worse?

You are in the right place. More than 80 percent of adults all over the world experience lower back pain at some point. Most leave it for months or years prior to finding a cure. Yet, there are some easy steps to follow that could get rid of lower back pain permanently and completely.

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

When you are struggling with lower back pain, you might be pleased to know that you can utilize natural remedies and vitamins to help you overcome it. Herbs have been utilized for many years for their medicinal value and when you find the right combination of these herbs, you will be astounded with how fast you will get relief for your lower back pain. Below are some of the popular home remedies for lower back pain.

Vitamin B12

The first thing you have to do when you are experiencing any kind of lower back pain is to supplement your vitamins. Vitamin deficiency could cause back pain, particularly when it is B12 deficiency. Once you have B12 deficiency, you can also experience many health issues. These include depression, panic attacks, memory impairment as well as irritability. For this reason, it is best to supplement with vitamin B12, even though you are not experiencing any lower back pain issue. Once you take this vitamin, it will help your overall natural good health.

Capsaicin Cream

Derived from chili peppers, Capsaicin cream includes the components that give the chili pepper their distinctive hot or burn. This cream has a similar effect on your back as it has in your mouth when it is applied straight to your back. Some research show that using this cream helps people with constant back pains. This product is accessible at most drug stores. It is highly advisable that when applying, use gloves and avoid touching your eyes.


Inflammation of the tissue in the part of your back is one reason of having lower back pain. Anti-inflammatory herbal medicine can really help those with back issues. Chamomile will help relax your muscles naturally. You can also try Bromelain or Saw Palmetto as these are good options for natural anti-inflammatory relief.

Willow Bark

The Willow tree bark, according to research, has pain relieving properties. Once you rub the bark or the product that has willow bark straight on the painful part, you will get some ease from the irritation and the soreness you are experiencing.

When you are experiencing severe pain, there are different herbs which can help you overcome the soreness. Wild lettuce has been utilized to help people overcome the pain for many years now and it also has the additional benefit of giving you a good night’s sleep. Devils Claw, Feverfew as well as Burdock are all herbs which can assist with your pain relief.

There are lots of herbal remedies that can assist with back pain. You will want to try to look for the perfect combination of herbs to assist you. It can also take time for herbs to have an effect on the condition, but a natural regime will get to the main cause of the pain and treat it from within. Try these remedies to see if it works for you and relieves your pain.

Exercises to Ease Lower Back Pain

When you are experiencing lower back pain, aside from home remedies, you also need exercise to strengthen your muscle on your back and make it stronger. These exercises will not be rushed as it will not do any good for your back, so you must take your time while practicing these exercises. You must stop when you feel uncomfortable if doing any of these exercises and allow your back to relax for a little bit. Prior to doing these exercises, you have to stretch your back first.

Exercise #1

Lie on the ground and place your lower back pressed opposing the ground. Cross your arms and place them onto your upper body. Next, lift your head and tuck it into your chest. You must ensure that your back is flat on the ground. Try to tighten your muscles in your stomach while your shoulder and head are raised a little bit off the ground. Hold this stance for at least 10 to 15 seconds or until you feel uncomfortable. Release and relax. Repeat this routine another 4 times. Keep on with the length of time you’re holding the pose or you can slowly increase the period of time you’re holding the pose and slowly improve the number of repetitions.

Exercise #2

You begin through lying on your back on your couch. Slowly curve your one knee and gradually begin to move this towards your upper body. Make sure that while doing this, you’re pressing your lower back on the mat. Then, try to hold this pose until it becomes uncomfortable. Release and relax. Repeat this routine with your other knee. When done with the repetition, you must repeat the same thing on both of your knees another 4 times. If you get more experienced, you can enhance the amount of sets that you do.

Exercise #3

Lie down on your back and place your arms down next to your sides. Keep the knees even on the floor or bed and curve it. Your lower back must be pressed tightly against the bed and you will see that your hips will begin to rise. Ensure you hold this pose for 10 seconds and then release and relax. Repeat this routine many times and slowly increase the period of time you hold the pose.

These are some of the main strategies to relieve and ultimately cure your lower back pain. There are lots of different ways on how to cure lower back pain fast, through natural home remedies and exercises. If those don’t do it fast enough for your liking, there are new techniques and remedies developed all the time, so don’t fear your lower back pain will be cured – it’s just a case of finding the right treatment for you!