How to Prevent Hair Breaking

how to prevent hair from breaking

On average, a person can lose around 50 to 200 hair strands every day, depending on one’s age and gender. But if you think that you are losing so much more than these figures, then you better follow these simple ways on how to prevent hair from breaking in order to achieve a healthier and fuller looking hair.

Practice Healthy Care Routine to Prevent Hair Breaking!

The easiest and most basic step on how you can stop hair breakage is by avoiding mistakes when doing your daily care routine. The mistakes that you do with your hair routine are sometimes the number one reason why your hair is breaking off in the first place.

Remove Dead or Split Ends

Trimming off those dead or split ends is not counterproductive in growing your hair. Instead, this can help a lot to make your hair grow thicker and stronger. The secret here is to just remove the dead or split ends and not the whole chunks of your hair. When you trim your split ends, you are also cutting down the risks of your hair turning brittle and dry to the point of needing a complete haircut.

When they go out of control, the split ends can travel to your hair shaft, which can cause your hair to break up or need a full haircut. To avoid this kind of mess, it is better that you stay proactive and trim the bottom of your hair, around ¼ to ½ inch of the hair every 3 to 4 months. If you want to grow your hair, make sure that you inform your hair stylist in advance about it and ask him to cut not over ½ inch of your hair.

If you will trim your hair on your own, use sharp scissors that are specifically meant for trimming or cutting hair.

No to Brushing Your Wet Hair

dont brush wet hair

It is one of the best tips on how to prevent hair from breaking. Your hair is in the weakest state when it is still wet – that is why you have to avoid brushing your hair when it is still soaking wet. There is nothing wrong if you use a wide toothed comb when your hair is still a bit wet. However, remember that the perfect time for combing using a wide toothed comb is when your hair has been saturated with conditioner.

Don’t Fry Your Hair!

One way to stop your hair from breaking is to use less heat. Frequent heat or high heat application on the hair can cause irrevocable damage and lead to hair breakage. Just leave the use of flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, hot rollers and other only for special occasions and in any case, you should not use them more than once a week unless you are using an intense conditioner to replace lost moisture. Make sure that you try not to use the hair dryers at really hot settings. It is best that you just air dry your hair. Washing your hair using very hot water can also make your hair overtly dry.

Don’t Get Exposed Under the Sun

Too much exposure to the sun can dry your hair and lead to weakening of your hair and its breakage.

Say No to Chemicals

A great way on how to prevent hair from breaking is to reduce the use of hair products that contain harsh chemicals on your hair. You can go for organic or herbal hair products or the ones that contain less harmful chemicals.

Better Nutrition for Healthier Hair

Your hair too will need proper nutrition, such as minerals, proteins, vitamins and others, just like the rest of your body. There is no need to explain that when you eat healthier balanced diet, your hair is also going to grow stronger. That is why you have to make sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet which includes fruits, veggies, lean meat, fish, lots of fluids and others.

Avoid Excessive Hair Washing

excessive hair washing can damage your hair

Every time you wash your hair, you are actually depriving your hair of the natural oils that it has. It is not really necessary that you wash your hair each day unless your hair is too oily and your hair already looks greasy even on the very same day after you have washed it. Daily washing of hair can make your hair dry and even make this prone to permanent breakage and damage.

Moisturize for Less Breakage

An important aspect of stopping hair breakage treatment is the best way for moisturizing your hair. You can consider the use of leave in conditioner or you can also deeply condition your hair. Hair that is well moisturized is less prone to breakage and dryness.

Let Your Hair Relax

Pulling your hair tight back to buns, braids and ponytails can cause hair breakage. Never use rubber bands since this can make your hair split and break.

Hot Oil Treatment to Stop Hair Breakage

Indulge in hot oil treatment once or two times a week to give your hair the right amount of moisture that can help in preventing hair breakage. You can choose to prepare your natural hot oil treatment or you can also look for high quality prepackaged treatments that you can buy in neighborhood stores.

Other Natural Beauty Tips to Prevent Your Hair from Breaking

  • Pat dry or air dry your hair using your a towel after you have washed your hair. Don’t rub your hair too much with towel!

  • Once every week, use mayonnaise for deeply conditioning your hair. Put mayonnaise on your hair and let it stay for an hour. The mayonnaise has oils and fats that are great for preventing hair breakage.

  • Mix a small amount of extra virgin olive oil to your conditioner. Put this on your hair after you shampoo it to stop your hair from breaking.

These are some of the best tips on how to prevent hair from breaking. If you have acute hair breakage problem and is not improved by these tips, you can consult a hair specialist for better hair breakage treatment.