How to Get Rid of Nits Quickly

how to treat nits quickly

Nits and head lice, these are the small but very vicious pests that everyone is too familiar with. It is either you reminisce about that dreadful and irritating battle that you had with these small creatures when you were still a kid, or you are now a parent who need to go through this tough battle all over again. But whatever the case might be, there are ways of how to get rid of nits quickly!

Everyone hates parasites. If these are nesting on the hair of your children, you want to help them to be rid of the irritation as quickly as possible. As an adult, the combination of embarrassment and irritation make them a nightmare – so whether you are a fan of natural home remedies and thinking ‘How to kill nits naturally?’, or forget about natural remedies you just want to know ‘How to kill nits fast!’, this article will explain how to do it!

Dealing With Nits is Never Easy

If you are unlucky, you probably had the misfortune of having to deal with nits several times, and obviously, this is never easy. Children will never cooperate with you if you ask them sit still while you comb and inspect their hair for hours and hours. There are cases when another member of the family will get them soon after and before you even know it, you have got a serious infestation on your hands. To make things worse, these pesky creatures can be very resilient. It can be really stressful to deal with nits. But you need to do it!!

Four Essential Facts about Nits

There are many people who are not that familiar with some important facts about nits that can help them in properly dealing with the infestation and avoiding any possible re-infestation. Here are some facts that you might want to keep in mind before you deal with nits.

  • The female head louse is the one that lays the eggs or nits in sacs that stick to individual hair strand.

  • The baby head louse will hatch within 7 to 10 days later.

  • After 10 to 14 days, the baby head louse will be ready to have its own babies.

  • It takes around 33 50 35 days for the egg to be laid until the live insect finally dies.

It is a must that you know these facts because these only show that constant combing out sessions and second treatment are essential to ensure that there will be no eggs to be left behind in the hair. This means that failure to get rid of all nits will make them hatch and before you know it, you will have to deal with them over again.

Good thing that there are now plenty of ways on how to get rid of nits fast! Here are some of the best tips that you might want to keep in mind to get rid of the bothering head creatures.

How to Kill the Nits Naturally

Nits can be killed easily, quickly, safely, and cheaply with mayonnaise. All you need to do is to get a brand new jar of mayonnaise from the grocery store or right in your kitchen shelf. Just make sure that you do not get one straight from the refrigerator since it can be too cold. Just grab a handful or several then cover all of the hair of your child and see to it that you get down the neck a bit and behind the ears. Use a plastic shower cap for covering the hair of your child so that the mayonnaise will not drip or get to your furniture. Let the mayonnaise stay on the hair for two hours to smother the developed eggs and nits. Then, remove the cap and dispose of it. You and your child should wash your hands using a good soap. Shampoo your child’s hair thoroughly. You may need two or more shampoos to completely clean the hair.

If there is no available mayonnaise at home, Vaseline is a good alternative. The best way for removing Vaseline from the hair is to saturate the hair using baby oil. Rub this completely through the hair before squeezing this out as much as you can. Wash, the hair thrice using dish soap/washing up liquid and hot water but not hot enough that can cause burning. Each time, leave the dish soap on the hair several minutes to let it work.

Vaseline can also be left on overnight if you want but this is not advisable if you will use mayonnaise as this can turn poisonous when not refrigerated.

Other Important Things to Remember to Remove Nits

Although there might be plenty of products that you can find in stores today that will help you in killing nits and lice fast, the most thorough method of how to get rid of nits quickly is to comb them out and dip them in hot water. You will need two treatments with a week or so apart and plenty of combing to get all of the nits out. See to it that the infestation is not resilient to whatever shampoo you might be using. When you comb out after you washed the hair, check to see if the lice are inactive or dead. If you still caught some of them moving even after you used the shampoo, this only means that it is not working and other similar shampoos might not work as well.

The important recommendation as far as combing out the small pests and their nits is concerned is to make use a low-cost and simple conditioner and put a generous amount of this on the hair. Let it stay for five minutes and do not wash it first. Proceed to combing the hair with a regular hair brush for the very first time then continue using the disinfected nit comb. It is a smart move that you separate the hair to several sections and go through every section one at a time. Once you are finished, rinse out the remaining conditioner then disinfect the nit comb all over again.

These are some of the important things to remember on how to get rid of nits quickly.