How to Make Your Lips Bigger at Home

how to get fuller lips

For women, one of their biggest dreams is to have fuller and more sensuous lips. But did you know that surgery is not really the only way to achieve this dream? As you probably know, surgery has its own share of different unpleasant consequences and lead to unsatisfactory and bad results. Good thing that today, you will get to discover some of the most natural ways on how to make your lips bigger at home. Yes, you have read that right! You can now have the Angelina Jolie lips that you have long been dreaming of right inside your own home! Just follow these tips every day and you will be surprised how your lips will turn plumper and even more kissable than ever before, as you learn how to make lips appear bigger!

Brushing and Exfoliation for Bigger Lips

When you’re done brushing your teeth, the next thing to do is brush your lips. When you rub your lips lightly with the use of a dry toothbrush, you will get a lot of benefits in terms of their texture and even their appearance. Brushing will not just remove the dead skin cells to make your lips smoother for at the same time, this can also stimulate the circulation and flow of blood, letting your lips turn a bit plumper. This will then result to your lips looking fuller, softer and even more sensuous. In order to boost the effects of brushing, you might also want to apply some Vaseline or honey to the toothbrush so that you can achieve rosier and smoother lips.

Naturally Bigger Lips Through Regular Exfoliation

Proper exfoliation can help in improving blood circulation to make your lips swell a bit and appear fuller and younger looking. To achieve this, just prepare a natural scrub through mixing a small amount of water and sugar to a thin paste. Add several drops of moisturizing oil for improved hydrating effects. Apply this mixture on your lips before massaging it in small circles. Wipe it off before proceeding to applying your favorite lip gloss. The scrub can cause a bit irritation that will only disappear quickly and leave your lips fuller in the most natural way.

Plump It Up with Cinnamon Essential Oil

This oil is among the basic ingredients that you can use on how to make your lips bigger at home as this is also commonly found in the lip plumpers that you can buy over the counter. This can stimulate the capillaries of your lips and enhance the flow of blood to make your lips look rosier and fuller. Just add a small drop to your lip gloss or balm and put this on every time you want your lips to look more attractive. After applying it, you will feel some burning or tingling sensation but this will quickly disappear that will leave your lips naturally bigger and freshly scented.

Cayenne Pepper Essential Oil

Just add one or two drops of the oil to your lip balm. If you want, you can also prepare your own amazing lip gloss right at home. Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with 1/3 tablespoon of melted cocoa butter before adding 20 drops of the sweet almond oil. Then, add two drops of the cayenne essential oil to finish off your natural glossy plumper. If you want, you can also mix the tiniest bit of ground cayenne pepper with some water before rubbing this on your lips to make them plumper. However, you have to take extra caution. Never dare exaggerate with using cayenne pepper. If small quantities will boost the circulation of blood in your lips, too much will make them burn!

Peppermint Essential Oil for Kissable Lips

Peppermint essential oil can work by improving circulation and bringing more blood on your lips’ surface. This can make your lips swell a bit and this has the best cooling effect. Add 1 to 2 drops of the peppermint essential oil to one teaspoon of petroleum jelly. Use this regularly as your lip balm.

Regular Lip Exercises Can Do the Trick

There are actually several exercises that can make your lips look bigger in the most natural way with no need for you to undergo any chemical treatments or surgical procedures. But as far as how to make your lips bigger at home is concerned, you need to be very persistent and do the exercises every day for a minimum of one month before doing them thrice a week. These exercises can tone up your facial muscles that you do not use most of the time and make your lips plumper in natural ways that you have never thought possible.

Whistle for Fuller Lips

whistle to make your lips appear larger

Have you ever noticed how men and women playing musical wind instruments tend to have naturally bigger and fuller lips? This is simply because they are regularly using their lip muscles. One easy way of obtaining similar results is to pick one of your favorite melodies then whistle this for 3 to 5 minutes daily as loud and as strong as you can. This will help in building up your muscles and achieving plumper lips.

Smile and Kiss Amazing Lips

Just keep your lips closed then smile as widely as you can. Hold this smile within 5 seconds before puckering your lips and pushing them forward like when you will kiss someone. Hold this within 5 seconds before smiling again. Contract the lip muscles if possible when you do it. Do the exercise for 20 times.

Side to Side and Rotate It

Tightly press your lips together before moving them to the right in as far as you can. For 5 seconds, hold the stretch before drawing your lips to the left. Do the movement again for 15 times. While keeping your mouth closed, stretch out your lips into a kiss. Rotate your lips slowly clockwise for two times before repeating the motion in the other direction. Do this sequence for ten repetitions.

These are some of the simple and easy secrets on how to make your lips bigger at home. Failing that you can also make lips appear bigger with makeup and beauty products as well!