Skin – the body’s biggest organ, in constant use, and adapting to the environments we live, work and play in! With the variety of activities and extremes of environment we subject it to, it is important to take care of it, understand when you are developing a skin condition and know how to soothe or cure it.

Dry Skin – there is relief!

If you are suffering from a dry skin condition, check out our article on How to Get Rid of Dry Skin. It has sub articles around tips for how to get rid of dry skin from your everything from your nose, lips, legs and around your eyes!


Skin Complexion – Can you get perfection?


Whether young, or just young at heart, throughout our lives we strive for the perfect skin complexion. Some get closer to the perfect complexion than others, and you too can find out How to Get Better Skin Complexion.


Clear Skin

Why do some people seem to have beautiful clear skin, when other’s face a daily battle with blemishes? Do you invest in the latest products the celebrities use, or do you find out How to Get a Clear Face Naturally.


Glowing Skin – Diet


Eat more of this, don’t eat that, buy this super-food, cut out of that food… it can be a nightmare to now what you should eat and drink to get healthy glowing skin. Fear not though we have that covered in our article on What to Eat to Get Glowing Skin.


Stretch Marks – how to remove?

You’ve lost that weight you gained from pregnancy or perhaps indulging in a few too many favourites – great, except you’ve been left with some unsightly stretch marks! Read our article on How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Overnight – quick actionable tips for visible reduction in stretch marks.


Contact Dermatitis

If you are handling a lot of chemicals, a keen gardener coming into contact with a wide variety of plants, or you have an allergy to rubber or parabens, you run the risk of getting contact dermatitis. Once you’ve got it you’ll need to read our article on How to Cure Contact Dermatitis.


Eczema on Feet

Our feet go through a lot of punishment in our lives, and are often neglected in comparison to how much time we spend pampering other parts of our bodies. Think you’ve got eczema on your feet? Read our article on How to Get Rid of Eczema on Feet.


Psoriasis – how to get relief!

If you’ve got psoriasis, it’s hard to get through a day without the irritation making you scream! When it affects your hands there is no getting away from the irritation – read our article on How to Treat Psoriasis on Your Hands.


Scaly Skin on Legs – I want smooth legs again!

smooth legs, smooth skin

Remember the days when you could bare your legs whenever you wanted? Don’t want to wear a skirt now you have legs have gone dry and scaly? Read our article on How to Get Rid Of Scaly Skin on Legs to be back in your favourite dress or skirt once again!


Spotty back – argh, how do I get rid of?

It’s not that visible to you, but knowing you have spots on your back limits your clothing choices and knocks your confidence. Find out How to Get Rid of Spots on your Back in this article.


Facing spots head on – I don’t want to take it on the chin!

Probably the most commonly affected area, but it doesn’t mean you should put up with it! Learn How to Get Rid of Spots on your Chin, and be one of the happy ones not afflicted with it anymore!


Enjoy being a beach bum, not having a spotty bum!

acne on bum / butt

This is one of those things that make you want to purchase a sarong… you’ve had an outbreak on your behind, and you are due to go to the beach – what to do? Fear not, read our article on How to Get Rid of Spots on Your Bum.