How to Get a Clear Face Naturally

You are living in a world that tells you that for you to become beautiful, you need to cover your face with makeup and use gels, creams or other chemically-based products. But what they didn’t tell you is that what goes underneath your skin is the ultimate solution to get that more beautiful and youthful glow.

Clear and glowing skin is everyone’s dream. No one wants to have pimples, dark spots, zits, dark circles or baggy eyes. Every person has a different skin type together with different issues that come with them. If you have dry skin, it can get a bit itchy and you will need to keep it hydrated often so that it stays glowing. On the other hand, oily skin has a greasy texture and is more prone to the unwanted pimples. There are also those who have been gifted with normal skin and finally, there are people who have combination skin and have to deal with issues of both oily skin and dry skin at the same time.

More than the things that you put on your face, you have to know that the real secret on how to get a clear face naturally is for the change to come from within. Here are several wonderful tips that will help you achieve the kind of skin that you have long been dreaming of.

Go for More Water

By now, you probably know that drinking water and healthy juices offers a lot of health benefits and so, it is not a big surprise that this is also among the ways for purifying the impurities in your skin. Water cleanses your body and gets rid of wastes and toxins. It keeps your body hydrated and eliminates dirt and excess oil. Drinking at about two liters (8 glasses) of water everyday can give your skin that bright and noticeable change in just a week or less. It can help in preventing wrinkles and skin dryness, not to mention that it also improves your immune system.

Nutritious Foods and Fiber for Your Skin

Everything healthy starts from none other than your diet. Any digestive problem can result to skin impurities and for this reason, your diet is important for your healthy skin. Getting the right amount of vitamins and micro-nutrients is the key for a clear skin. You have to carefully choose the foods that you eat for glowing skin, especially those rich in natural protein, including white meat, nuts, fish, grains like buckwheat, quinoa, and brown rice, vegetables such as beets, tomato and broccoli are also good and healthy for your skin. As much as possible, stay away from man-made and processed food. The omega 3 fatty acids can decrease inflammation. You can easily find this in soybeans, salmon and walnuts. Eat lots of food for your skin to stay glowing. Higher intake of vegetables and fruits can give you the spotless and clear skin.

No to Sun

You know that the sun is a good source of vitamin D great for your skin, particularly the morning sun from 7 to 9 in the morning. But, staying away from the sun after this time is extremely important. The UV rays can be quite strong, posing risks of damaging not only your skin’s texture as this can also lead to skin cancer. If you can, avoid going out from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon because this is the time when the sunrays can get too harsh and is not advisable even for those with normal skin. As much as possible, try to wear clothes that can cover most of your skin and always bring an umbrella with you. Put on sunscreen with more than SPF 45 when you go outdoors.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

One of the most important steps on how to have a clear face naturally is to ensure that your body stays hydrated inside out. Cleanse your face two times a day because excessive washing can make your skin look dry. The natural oils being produced by your skin are needed for nourishment. It is more advisable to use cold water when you wash your face because warm water can open the pores and allow the dirt and bacteria to enter them. With cold water, the pores will be closed, preventing the foreign material from getting into them. When washing your face, use circular movements. Never scrub your face for this can lead to skin irritation.

Practice the Right Pimple Care

Proper acne and pimple care is the key to that glowing and fair skin on your face. It can be really tempting to just pop those pimples but you have to know that popping your zit will just lead to scars, redness as well as inflammation. Popping will only push the infected material further to your skin that will only cause more pimples. Inflammations in the epidermis and dermis are called blemishes and these usually take longer to heal compared to the pimple itself. If the scars will only stay for 3 to 4 days, the scars that you can cause when you pop your zits can even stay on your face for a lifetime!

Forget about Stress

The last but definitely not the least tip on how to get a clear face naturally is to take some rest and forget about stress. Sleep is the number one secret in order to maintain not just a healthy lifestyle but also to achieve that glowing and flawless skin that you have always wanted. The stress hormones are the culprit behind excessive oil production that can result to whiteheads. Taking a run, a warm bath and short but satisfied sleep can help in reducing stress and getting rid of your bothersome acne. A minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required to have a glowing skin and active mind. Visiting swimming pools and spas every once in a while can also help in relaxing your tired muscles.

By incorporating these simple but effective changes to your daily lifestyle, there’s no reason for you not to get a clearer and more flawless face in no time at all!

Top Tips Summary:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Eat more fiber
  3. Avoid excessive time in the sun
  4. Keep your skin moisturized
  5. The right cleansing routine
  6. Forget about stress!