How to Cure Dry Skin on Legs

When you have dry skin on your legs, knowing you have to attend an event, you are might cover them up all just skip the event altogether!

There are several different solutions that you could try out when it comes to curing the dry skin on your legs. You don’t want to wear pants and long skirts all the time just to hide your dry legs. So, it is best that you are aware of the various methods that could help in curing your dry skin. Then you can flaunt your legs like you used to!

Don’t let your legs dictate what you can and cannot wear just because of your dry skin. You want to be able to wear what you want, when you want!

What Causes Dry Skin on Legs and How to Treat It

Basically, dry skin can occur in the different parts of the body. However, it is said that the common areas where dry skin develops are on the arms and on the legs. There are different causes of dry skin. Yet, there are common causes that lead to constant drying and flaking of skin. Some of the common causes of dry skin are the following:

  • Losing the skin’s natural oils by taking a hot shower

Although a warm to hot water shower is relaxing, the heat peels off the natural oils that the skin produces. So if you like a hot shower or bath, remember to apply moisturizer to your legs to replenish lost moisture. You can also try adjusting your shower time to shorter showering sessions.

  • Cold weather

Skin is left parched when humidity in the air is too low. This is especially true during the winter season, but can equally happen in air conditioned environments such as the office! Again a good moisturizer is essential in combating the effects of a cold weather environment.

  • Wrong choice of soaps

Washing your skin with soap can make it very dry. Keep in mind that soap with harsh chemicals and even fragrances may strip all of the natural oils from your skin. It is best to look for soaps with moisturizers with less or no fragrance at all.

  • Medications

There are times when there are certain medications that are known as diuretics. If you are suffering from certain medical problems and you are taking medications that would dehydrate you, it could be considered as the main reason for your dry skin. This can be unavoidable, but it is worth checking to see if you can get alternative medication that doesn’t cause skin dryness.

Some other Treatments for Dry Skin on Legs

If you tend to have dry skin on legs, there are a lot of treatments that you can consider. Basically, you don’t have to go directly to your dermatologist. This is especially when the drying is caused by what you apply on your skin or your lifestyle. Some of the treatments that you can do are as follows:

Change your Skin Routines

Better skin care routine to avoid dry legs

Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

If you tend to shave your legs, always use a new razor and shave as gently as possible. Using dull razors not only irritates your skin but dries it up completely. What’s the best razor for sensitive skin on legs? Answer – a sharp razor! Also, exfoliate when necessary. Using washcloths is enough for removing dead skin cells. Instead of rubbing your towel vigorously on your skin, letting the air dry or patting it dry with soft and absorbent towel is essential.

Moisturize Your Skin Properly

Don’t just use any moisturizer on the market. Pick a moisturizer with less fragrance as it irritates the skin and also look for those that contain urea, lactic acid and propylene glycol. In applying moisturizer, getting the right amount is essential after you shower. After you pat dry your skin, apply moisturizer. By doing this, you are locking the moist on your skin after shower. You are also replacing the oils that were once removed after bathing. If you don’t have time to go on a shower, you can always wrap your legs with warm and wet cloth for about 20 minutes to moisten it. After that, you can apply the moisturizer.

Adjust Your Humidifier

During cold season, the air lacks the moist that can help your skin to be hydrated. By adjusting the humidifier in your home (if you have one!), it helps your skin in not drying up completely. If not, respect the seasonal elements and adapt as necessary.

Taking Care of Your Skin on the Legs

Although there are times when you can’t avoid your skin drying up especially during the cold, it is still necessary that you are aware of some of the helpful tips on how to cure dry skin on legs. This way, you can prevent the condition from worsening. You can also be free from suffering from it. This is because the skin is well taken care of. You can now be ready for the next event!