How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Nose

The continued use of irritating products, cold weather and skin conditions can cause the skin on your nose to be completely dry. This dry skin is usually not a serious problem. This can be taken care of at home with simple yet effective remedies. However, if dry skin on or around your nose is left untreated, this may immediately lead to unhealthy and serious complications like bacterial infection, bleeding and many more. Thus, it is essential for you to determine some of the effective ways on how to treat and prevent dry skin on your nose.

Treating Dry Skin on or Around Your Nose

There are several ways on how to treat dry skin that has formed on your nose and some of these are as follows:

Wash the face with skin cleanser and warm water

The first step that you need to do is to clean the area to lose dead skin and remove the dirt. Scaly and dry skin can lead to bacterial infection and open wounds – hence keeping it clean is essential. Avoid using harsh soaps, antibacterial cleansers and detergents with alcohol and fragrances as they may quickly promote dryness.

Pat your skin dry gently

Do not use harsh towels to rub your skin on your nose to dry it, this may just cause serious irritation. Make use of soft towel and gently dry your skin.

Press ice cube on the nose area to reduce the inflammation

If the dry skin on your nose is painful, swollen and reddish, apply ice cubes wrapped in paper towel for few minutes. This can effectively reduce the pain and inflammation that you are suffering. Do not apply it directly on the affected area as it may cause further damage on your skin. If your dry skin on the nose is not showing possible signs of inflammation, you may avoid using an ice cube.

Moisturizing your skin

Lotions and creams prevent water from escaping your skin. These also help in sealing the natural moisture in your skin. Use moisturizers that are hypoallergenic and thicker. Avoid using those moisturizers that contain alcohol, fragrances and other harsh compounds. Do not use over the counter medicines unless prescribed by medical and health professionals.

Try to use natural moisturizers

Some of the products that can be used in getting rid of dry skin on your nose are natural moisturizers. You may try to use hemp seed oils and apricot along with lavender oil. You may also combine nutmeg and coconut oil to replenish all of the essential nutrients in your skin. Raw honey is also believed to have their cleansing and moisturizing properties that can help restore the dry skin on your nose.

Ask your doctor if you are in need of some prescription creams

Normally, dry skin on your nose is just temporary and it responds well to different types of moisturizers. However, if the skin is already dry and causes serious conditions, you need to seek for the assistance of your doctor or medical specialist to prevent it from occurring.

Preventing Dry Skin on Your Nose

If you want to prevent dry skin on your nose to arise, here are some of the tips you need to follow:

Taking showers or short baths

Excess bathing may strip away the moisture and oily layer of the skin. Limit your showers and daily baths for up to five to ten minutes only. Avoid washing your face and skin in your nose more than twice a day.

Use warm water

The use of hot water in washing the skin on your nose may eliminate the natural oils of the skin. Choose to wash your face with a lukewarm water.

Use shower gels or facial cleanser with moisturizers

Refrain from using insensitive soaps that can further dry your skin. Instead, you may use a shower gel or facial cleanser with added moisturizers.

Moisturize the skin quickly after watching your face

If you moisturize your face after washing it, you are assured that all spaces between the skin cells are sealed completely. It also locks in natural and healthy moisture of the skin. All you have to do is to apply moisturizer within a few minutes in your skin while it is still moist.

Using facial products with added moisturizer

If you apply cosmetics all over the skin on your nose, choose those products that contain added moisturizers. Avoid using products that contain alcohol, alpha hydroxyl acid and retinoids. Choose products that are meant for your sensitive skin and they should also be fragrance free. If you can’t find the best product suitable for your skin, consult a dermatologist and ask for the best prescription ointment to get rid of dry skin on your nose.

Do not scratch dry skin on your nose

Scratching of dry skin on your nose only offers serious irritation and causes bleeding. If your skin unexpectedly itches, try to apply some ice over the area for just a few minute. This may eventually help in reduce itching and swelling.

Use soft tissue in blowing your nose

The use of paper towels may be harsh and can just irritate your skin. Make use of facial towels or tissues with moisturizers.

Use a humidifier for additional moisture

Winter month tends to be dryer and may just cause your skin to lose its moisture. Make use of a humidifier at night if you have one, and set it for about 60%. This helps in replenishing the moisture of the top layer of your skin.

With these tips on the treatment and prevention of dry skin on your nose, you are assured that you can be free from its harsh effects. If you have dry skin on the nose, you just don’t want this to be treated but to be prevented from forming in future.